Valentine’s Day Scaries: From Flames to Fires

Valentine's Day Scaries Blog Post

Valentine’s Day is a holiday with good intentions- romance, appreciation, love, and quality time. As personal injury lawyers, we’re always on the lookout and prepared for what can go wrong. What could the dangers of Valentine’s Day be? Food poisoning? Our studies show that burn cases are especially prevalent on Valentine’s day. 

Tips for Valentine’s Day Safety 

Never leave candles unattended: keep those candles close by and on watch. If you want to leave the dinner table to watch a movie, take the candle with you! Besides keeping an eye on candles, keep objects at least a foot away from candles. Think you might forget to blow a candle out? Set a reminder or alarm for yourself before bed to blow it out. 

Watch flames from the kitchen and the fireplace: loose clothing or oven mitts can get caught in a stovetop flame. Wrapping paper or decorations can get caught in a fireplace. Never leave a stovetop or firepit unattended. 

Leave haircare devices turned off: running late for a date? Don’t forget to turn off your hair straightener, blow dryer, or curler. These devices can reach temperatures of 235 degrees. Worried you might forget anyways? There are add-ons to sockets that turn off electricity based on a timer. 

Stay alert and remember the PASS rule for using fire extinguishers. 

Pull the pin

Aim at the base of the fire 

Squeeze the trigger

Sweep from side to side

What do burns have to do with personal injury? Burn injuries often happen due to someone’s negligence or a faulty product. If you or someone you know suffers from burns on Valentine’s Day, or any other day, due to anyone’s fault but your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. Contact us, anytime, at McElfish Law Firm by calling (310) 659-4900.