Client Testimonials

You won’t find someone who will fight for you more than Ray. He believed in my case much more than I did and I feel 100% confident that no one else would have or could have gotten the result that he got for me. Just trust him and let him do his thing, you’ll be happy you did. Ray, I can’t thank you enough.

 -Lee A

I am so excited to share my experience with Mcelfish Law Firm. Starting at the time the case was opened, I was able to get each, and every question answered, alleviating my stress level. One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of being protected and safe. I started to feel that way after the first consultation with Ray. He is sharp, straight forward, and confident. Furthermore, his office staff is professional and well trained. Every time I contacted the personnel, a prompt response would be received. I will definitely recommend this film to all of my friends.

– Sunny R

It’s great to have somebody who knows what they’re doing on your side after an accident. When I got hurt the last thing, I wanted to deal with an insurance company or the person who had caused my accident. I just wanted to get better. I remember being extremely stressed after the car accident and I don’t know if I could have recovered had I not had McElfish Law fighting for me. The best part, besides helping me get immediate medical care, was that we won our case, and I was compensated for my loses and able to recover fully.

– Georgia B

I am very pleased with my experience at McElfish Law Firm. Obviously, no one wants to have to be put in an unfortunate situation and have to hire a lawyer, but if you ever need a personal injury lawyer, these are the people you can trust. The staff made sure that I was compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and the pain and suffering I went through after my car accident. I’m more than happy with the settlement I received. All of the staff was super accommodating and made sure that I didn’t have to go far for my doctor’s appointments. In addition, the doctors that they scheduled me with were all amazing and helpful. Thank you to everyone who worked on my case

– Anastasia M

McElfish Law has the most knowledgeable and trustful attorneys you can find. I highly recommend this firm to anyone!

– Nikol M

After a slip and fall accident, I received a severe ankle injury and needed a full ankle reconstruction surgery.  I came across McElfish Law Firm. Mr. McElfish won the case.  His firm is very professional, and they provide multi language assistance and understanding of the case in the client’s native language. It was easy to communicate with Mr. McElfish and staff. I’m very appreciative to all of them and strongly recommend McElfish Law Firm.

-Tonya F

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