Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions


You should contact a lawyer immediately after an accident to make sure your legal rights are protected. Often times the trucking companies, retailers, corporations and insurance companies have representatives and investigators at the scene of the accident to document the scene, the evidence and to take statements of witnesses.  Sometimes they actually send lawyers and experts to the scene of the accident to document evidence that favors them.  You need to retain a lawyer as soon as you can so evidence is preserved and your rights are protected.

Our firm will interview you and review the case and if we take the case you will not be charged any fees or costs unless we win the case. That is true no matter what kind of case it is and no matter who or what company it is against.

Every case is different and the length of the case depends on many factors, such as where the accident occurred, where the case is filed, who the Defendant or the insurer is, who the defense lawyer is and of course whether there is a Pandemic or other unpredictable factors. Some cases can be settled within a few weeks, some can take a few years or even longer. But we can assure you we will move your case to resolution as fast as humanly possible given all of the factors and circumstances.

Since the facts and circumstances of your case are different than almost anyone elses case, each case is unique in that way and therefore the value will be unique depending on many factors. We can assure you that we will utilize the best legal experience, financial resources and expert witnesses to maximize the value of your case under the circumstances. We will do our very best to make you happy with the end result.