Construction Accident Wrongful Death

Case Details

$44.2 Million Verdict in a wrongful death case, where the client was killed, when a building collapsed on her due to negligent construction and faulty supports

$44,200,000 Verdict

Unlicensed GC and Subs: Heavy Equipment and Ladder Accidents

Contractors have a responsibility to keep people safe particularly members of the public. We make the effort to hold these reckless contractors accountable for hazards that hurt or kill people

Buildings Collapse-Scaffolding-Roof Collapses

Contractors need to take extra precautions when building or working near public sidewalks to make sure that all safety regulations are followed and all structures are safely supported


A common cause of death or injury in a construction accident is electrocutions where safety regulations are not followed and power is permitted to be exposed to injure, maim or kill