Avoid E-Scooter Accidents – Follow These Laws in 2022

Avoid E-Scooter Accidents – Follow These Laws in 2022

If you have traveled to a big city recently you have probably seen or even ridden on an E-scooter. This ecofriendly option is on the rise in popularity with its ease of use and low-cost maintenance. Unfortunately, as they rise in popularity the number of accidents occurring on them is also rising rapidly. With that in mind, it is important to know the laws surrounding this ever-growing form of transportation.  Below we’ve compiled a list of laws riders must follow to stay safe and enjoy your ride around the big city!

E-Scooter Laws in California

The following are e-scooter laws in California that are required of all riders to obey:

1. Rider must wear a helmet if they are under 18 years old,

2. Ride at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour,

3. Use bike lanes where available,

4. Ride alone, off the sidewalk, and with a valid driver’s license,

5. Dismount and walk for left turns,

6. Abide by crosswalk regulations, and

7. Follow all the rules that apply to motor vehicles.

Who’s at fault if there is an accident?

Scooter malfunction, maker at fault:

If your e-scooter malfunctions and causes an accident, the manufacturer of the e-scooter may be held accountable for the damages. However, some scooter manufacturers have a user agreement that states that the riders give their consent for the company to be not liable in case there is an accident caused by their product. Be sure to read any agreements before riding on an e-scooter.

Rider at fault for causing injury:

If the rider crashes into someone while riding the e-scooter, or if another rider crashes while attempting to avoid a collision with a negligent scooter rider, the rider will be held accountable.

Public establishment at fault due to road hazards:

This occurs when a business is under construction and its debris becomes a traffic hazard or a road barrier, causing the scooter rider to smash into it or crash while attempting to avoid it. If this is the case, the company could be held accountable for the scooter rider’s losses and injuries.

Driver at fault for causing injury:

When a diver collides with an electric scooter rider due to their own negligence will be held accountable and found at blame for the e-scooter rider’s damages and injuries. The driver will be responsible for the damages as well as medical treatment for the rider’s injuries.

Common e-scooter injuries

The abovementioned accidents may result in injuries such as

  1. cuts, scrapes, and bruises,
  2. sprains and broken bones,
  3. concussions, neck, and back injuries,
  4. spinal cord injury, and so on.

By following the electric scooter laws and guidelines we shared above, preventing accidents and injuries related to e-scooters should be simple!

Despite your best efforts, there’s still a risk you’ll get involved in an accident riding an e-scooter. Make sure that you receive the best compensation you deserve and contact us right away if you or a loved one gets hurt while riding.