Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Internal Organ Injuries-Internal Bleeding

We have decades of experience suing insurance companies that refuse to pay insurance claims in good faith or refuse to provide coverage to their insureds under certain claim conditions. We handle everything from homeowner’s claims from a leaky roof to coverage litigation over catastrophic accident ligation in the context of truck and vehicle accidents and, warehouse accidents, among others. We understand the philosophy of the insurance companies and beat them at their own game in representing our clients in these cases.


Automobile Policies

Often times insurers will deny coverage in an automobile accident for the wrong reason or simply refuse to acknowledge the claim. We have extensive experience holding insurers responsible for their obligations under the Insurance Code and Bad Faith Principles

Uninsured-Underinsured Motorists Claims

When you are involved in an accident but the other driver does not have insurance or has only limited insurance, we have decades of experience at collecting UM/UIM insurance from your own insurance carrier to make sure your damages are covered, including property damages, medical bills and lost wages

Commercial Policies

In commercial truck, vehicle or premises accidents often the responsible parties have “towers’ of insurance that need to be exposed and attached to make sure that all insurance carriers involved are aware of the accident and involved in the litigation, claim and settlement process. We have decades of experience litigating commercial and excess insurers for coverages and liability for commercial vehicle and premises accidents including bad faith litigation in commercial and excess policies

Bad Faith Cases

Insurance companies sometimes refuse to acknowledge and perform their obligations in cases involving residential accidents involving falls, burns, dog bites, drowning and swimming pool accidents and other accidents and damages that can happen in a home or around the house. We are fully experienced in how to handle these cases and require the insurer to assume coverage under the policies and pay the claim or face bad faith consequences under the Insurance Code