Falls From Height & Construction Accidents

Falls From Height & Construction Accidents

Fall from height cases requires special knowledge and training because there are laws which regulate heights people can safely work at in California. OSHA requires that fall protection be provided at elevations of four feet in general industry workplaces, five feet in shipyards, six feet in the construction industry, eight feet in longshoring operations and 10 feet in scaffolding work. These cases require extensive knowledge and understanding of OSHA regulations and regulatory experts. These accidents are generally very serious and require seasoned counsel to handle. As an example, we recently obtained a $3,500,000 verdict for our client in a warehouse accident where he fell from a ladder over 20 feet and sustained spinal injuries due to the negligence of the warehouse.

Falls from Heights

Workers are often injured or killed working on scaffolds or on high buildings or locations, we have experience at holding contractors and other business to OSHA and other regulation compliance

Collapsing Buildings and Vehicle Accidents

Workers and even the general public can be injured or killed due to collapsing buildings or scaffolds and heavy equipment vehicle accidents at construction sites. Regulation compliance, including OSHA, are crucial elements of proving fault in construction accidents involving falls or accidents with trucks, backhoes, graders, loaders, cranes, plows and other heavy equipment

Machine Accidents

Workers and the general public are often injured or killed when machines malfunction or lack appropriate guards or safety protections. Wood chippers, drill presses, boring machines, welding torches, fabricators, sanders, saws, grinders and other machiness can cause serious injury in the workplace and elsewhere and we have the extensive experience to hold these contractors, employers and product makers accountable for the safety hazards that can cause these damages


Exposed power lines are often the result of negligent utility work and construction and regulatory violations and cause extreme injury and instant death. We have handled many of these cases involving power companies and construction firms to hold them accountable for regulatory violations and negligence that lead to these horrific accidents