I really can’t say enough positive things about Mr. McElfish, he was really extremely caring through the whole process. He walked me through each step, he kept me up to date, he kept me informed. He helped me to understand what to expect. As stressful as it was, it was an overall good experience because of his expertise. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs an attorney for an unfortunate incident.”- Lucille G.

Ray really made this whole experience totally different. His confidence and patience makes you feel more comfortable and allows you to put your trust in him. He and his team are always there to answer any questions and help you throughout the whole process. I can’t thank you all enough! If you want to feel confident in a win and know that you are getting the best help possible it’s here.”-Scarlett M. 

“I called many lawyers but I think that Ray is the best. His background is impressive, he’s the best when it comes to defending his clients. He will always protect you and do the right thing. I chose him based on his background.”- Rosalinda U. 

“I knew Ray through my husband. He was thoughtful and thought of things that I would not have thought of. I would definitely work with Ray again. Ray was so fast on making sure that I was represented and well taken care of.”- Cara P. 

“I knew of Ray because of the trials he won in the past. When my accident happened, I knew immediately to go to him. I would definitely work with Ray again.” – Rosie M.

“After I talked to Ray I saw the probability that my injury can get better. They have the best doctors, they’re really good attorneys. I was really scared after talking to people who also needed back surgeries. I saw that if it was a bad doctor, after the surgery, they didn’t come out right. But when I saw Ray’s doctor, I saw a lot of promises, that’s when I decided to get the surgery. I would absolutely work with Ray again, in a heartbeat!”- Bartolo F. 

“In Bakersfield, there weren’t any qualified attorneys who would actually go to trial. I knew that I could forsure find a qualified lawyer in Los Angeles. I looked for someone who would speak Russian. I don’t understand lament legal terms so I wanted someone who could explain it to me in my native language. I chose to work with Ray because I liked his confidence and how literate he was. It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing, it’s not hard to tell that a person is qualified. He really listens to you. I would definitely work with him again.”- Tanya F. 

A few years ago I was involved in an accident in an apartment building. I got hurt pretty badly and Ray was the first person that I thought of to go to. I knew to go to him because I knew of his success and that he fought for his clients like no other. I was very happy with the end result and if I ever need anything again I know that Ray is the person that I would go to. Everything about his ways of communication is straightforward and respectful. He doesn’t fit the stereotype of most lawyers, he actually cares about his clients. No doubt about that, he is the one to call if you need help with a case.”- Rosina M.

“Ray McElfish and his team are respectful, responsive, and understanding. I’ve now turned to Ray for two cases and will be coming back again if needed. I’ve worked with a number of lawyers in Los Angeles and Ray remains to be my favorite. I’ve come to know him over these years and now have known him for over 5 years. His staff is very kind, particularly Michelle and Kayla. You will not regret working with Ray.”- Val K. 

“Ray took care of me and my daughter when she got into an auto accident. It’s not easy to deal with insurance and the whole process but Ray dealt with everything really well. We were happy with the end result!!”- Yelena K.

“Ray and his team took care of me from the moment I called. I was in a car accident in LA and was at a loss for words it was so stressful. My injuries haltered my life but Ray made sure that I was fairly compensated. I was beyond happy with my final settlement. It made everything worth it. Ray’s track record shows why he’s the best.”- Julia Z.