Pedestrian Accidents

Crosswalk Accidents

Pedestrians are often injured or killed in crosswalk accidents where inattentive motorists disregard the signals. We have traffic light engineers that help us establish the condition and color of the light at the time of the accident holding the driver and their insurers responsible for these devastating accidents

Emergency Shoulder Accidents

Motorists or motorcyclists will often pull off to the shoulder of the road to check on their vehicle, wait for assistance or look in the trunk only to get hit or killed by an oncoming driver. We have the experts in accident reconstruction, human factors and visibility to hold these drivers and their insurers responsible for these tragic events

Sidewalk Accidents

Pedestrians get injured walking on the sidewalk due to errant, inattentive drivers, open or improperly placed or maintained manholes or other debris, or falling objects from buildings, construction sites or locations above. We have the experts and experience to litigate and win these cases when these horrific events occur