Motorcycle, Bicycle & Bird Scooter Accidents

Motorcycle, Bicycle & Bird Scooter Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a specialty unto themselves. These machines are of course unique and the operating rights of motorcycles are by enlarge ignored on the highway by other motorists. We have special
experience in litigating and trying motorcycles cases in accidents involving lane splitting, sideswipe and intersectional accidents. We use experts in motorcycle operation and technology as well as human factors experts on the requirement of other drivers to visualize and detect the presence of motorcycles. The reality is that most drivers do not know the rights of motorcycles on the road and do not know where to expect them on the highway, resulting in serious accidents. The same is true of bicycles and bird scooters, they have very special rules of the road and most drivers do not understand or respect the rights of non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles and bird scooters, bike lanes and other designated areas for their operation. For example, bicycles and bird scooters are required by law to operate according to the rules ofthe road, observe traffic lights and streets signs and are not considered pedestrians that can operate on the sidewalks and rely on pedestrian crossing signals. We understand those unique rules and know how to effectively educate juries in their application. Not surprisingly, jurors are by nature prejudiced against motorcycles, bicycles, bird scooters, and other non-motorized vehicles and we have experience in confronting those prejudices with jurors in voir dire resulting in a jury that is fair and willing to significantly compensate victims of motorcycle, bicycle and bird scooter accidents, which generally result in seriousinjury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Severe Injury

We are very experienced in handling motorcycle cases, which are unique kinds of cases. Motorcycle accidents often cause paralysis, broken bones, and death, which is why are called “donor cycles” in emergency rooms. Inattentive divers do not respect motorcycles on the road and do not recognize the legal ability of motorcycles to lane-split. We will protect you in any motorcycle accident case and we will retain specialized experts in the area of motorcycle law and handling to help you win your case

Bicycle Accidents Are Complex

We are experienced in accidents involving bicycles, which can also cause very serious injury or death. Bicycles in California are required to obey traffic signals not pedestrian signals and are required to be ridden on the road or the bike lane and not on the sidewalks. We are well versed in litigating serious bicycle accident claims and know all of the rules to protect your rights and obtain significant jury awards in these catastrophic accidents

Bird Scooter Accidents

Although bird scooters are a relatively new phenomenon, they are involved in a lot of accidents, because drivers are not aware of them, do not respect them, do not see them and do not account for them. We understand the bird scooter technology and have a team of investigators and experts ready to investigate and help you win your bird scooter accident