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A Long History of Securing Justice for Injured Clients

I, RAYMOND D. MCELFISH founded this law firm in 1991 in New York City and relocated to Los Angeles in 2003. We are a unique species in the litigation and trial world.

We are a well-funded and deeply experienced litigation and trial law firm that is dedicated to serving the rights of the people. We have decades of in-courtroom jury trial experience that insurers, businesses, and corporations only wish their lawyers had. We take great pride in carefully reviewing each case, setting a value that we feel is the maximum value for our clients based on our extensive experience, and pursuing that result through trial and verdict, and if need be appeal. We utilize our own impeccable grasp of the evidence and trial advocacy skills complimented by the best jury consultants, expert witnesses and visual technology companies, to secure large jury verdicts for our clients.  In a world in which insurance companies and large corporations have endless amounts of resources to defend themselves, we as experienced trial lawyers expose these companies’ weaknesses and put their valuable assets at risk to ensure that people have a voice and that justice can properly be served. Our trial record speaks for itself, please see results and verdicts section. We have secured over $100 million in settlements and verdicts over the past 30 years for folks just like you.  We will take your phone calls and our competent friendly staff will treat you politely and courteously, as we consider our clients to be a part of our law firm family. We look forward to being by your side and getting you the justice you deserve.


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We will intake your case in person if you prefer, or over the phone or on a Zoom call if you are more comfortable that way during COVID. We will go over every detail of the accident and your injuries and we will evaluate your case for free - there will be no charge for your consultation. If we take your case, we will show you the pathway to winning your case, our track record of success and similar results in similar kinds of cases. You will never have to pay anything unless we win the case.

Getting You the Help You Need

We believe that assisting you with your medical and psychological needs and restoring your life and livelihood is the first step to creating a bond and a trusting relationship between you and your family and our attorneys and staff. We can refer you to neurosurgeons, spine surgeons, brain surgeons, joint surgeons, pain management and physical medicine doctors, physical therapists, vocational experts, chiropractors, psychologists and other professionals to get you the help that you need. We will also evaluate the fault in the case and hire the best experts in the areas of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, metallurgy, human factors, product liability, medical, psychology and psychiatry, vocational and economics to assist us in winning your case. You will also not be responsible for the costs of these experts unless you win the case.

A Partner You Can Rely on

From the time that you enter our office (or our virtual office), we will treat you as our law firm family. We will be available at any time to assist you with a case-related need. We will be honest and upfront with you about your case and anything that you want or need to know. We will do our very best to win your case and get you the justice that you deserve.
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