Truck, Bus and Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

18-Wheeler Truck, Bus and Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent people who have been severely injured in truck, bus, and other commercial motor vehicle accidents. Whether it is a rear-end, intersectional, side-swipe or hit and run accident, we specialize in jury verdicts against trucking and bus companies. We often find that these transportation companies are poorly run and managed, drivers are not properly trained, drivers often have health problems, are not well-rested, are fatigued and vehicles are poorly maintained. Through discovery, we uncover these negligent practices and put them on display for the jury and under certain circumstances obtain punitive damages against these companies. We will make sure your truck or bus accident case receives the maximum recovery in litigation or trial.

Protect Your Rights Immediately

We are truck accident lawyers that will fight for your cause and retain investigators and experts to immediately go to the scene and inspect the vehicles to hold the company accountable for their actions

Commercial Truck and Bus Cases Are Complicated

Truck accident investigations involve special equipment and investigators to download the engine data and on-board computer satellite systems which tell the speed and location of the truck. Our investigation team will lock down all of that information as well as police documentation, witness statements, photographs, videos and other value evidence which will help you win your case

Commercial Trucks and Buses Cause a Lot of Accidents

We are experienced in litigating the numerous kinds of reasons trucks cause accidents including drowsy driving, distracted driving, inadequate training, unsecured cargo, aggressive driving schedules, inverted driving schedules, night driving, circadian rhythms and poor road conditions. Sometimes commercial transportation companies let drivers drive that have a history of accidents and even criminal conduct