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Raymond McElfish takes huge verdict in Amtrak case. Article written by the Sacramento Bee:

A Sacramento jury returned a $28.6 million verdict Friday for a California man who lost his legs to an Amtrak train six years ago as he lay on railroad tracks near Marysville. The jury found varying degrees of negligence by Amtrak, Marysville’s Rideout Memorial Hospital and Dr. Hector Lopez, as well as negligence by Joseph Nevis, the 34-year-old man who sued after the 2016 Christmas Eve double amputation. The actual amount Nevis will receive still has to be determined because of medical malpractice limits and other calculations, but Nevis is expected to receive millions of dollars to help him make his way through life with his devastating injuries.

Nevis attorney Raymond McElfish hugged Nevis in court as the jurors’ verdict was read, and said afterward that he was pleased with the outcome.

“This is one of those case I believed in from the very beginning,” McElfish said after court. “I just couldn’t get the defendants to believe it.

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$100 Million In Verdicts & Settlements

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Jury Verdict for Wrongful Death 44.20 Million
Medical Fraud Settlement 5.90 Million
Jury Verdict for Bus Crash Victims 5.05 Million
Jury Verdict Bus Driver Asleep at Wheel 3.88 Million
Jury Verdict for Warehouse Accident 3.50 Million
Jury Verdict for Truck Spinal Accident 3.46 Million
Negligent Security at Bowling Alley Settlement 2.00 Million
Jury Verdict for Battery Explosion 2.50 Million
Jury Verdict for Motorcycle Accident 1.70 Million
Slip & Fall Settlement 1.00 Million

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We represent families in tragic cases where loved ones have been killed in horrific motor vehicle, truck and motorcycle accidents, struck as pedestrians, heavy equipment and construction accidents, train accidents, and tragic accidents including falls from buildings and getting hit in the head by falling objects, among other catastrophic events.