Motorcycle licensing in California

Motorcycle licensing in California

It’s a wonderful feeling to hop on a motorcycle on a nice sunny day and go cruising along California’s finest scenic routes. Last year there were nearly one million motorcycles registered in this state alone. With California leading the nation with number of bikes on the streets there are far too many injuries that could have been avoided, had the proper precautions been observed. That starts with proper licensing.

In addition to the required motorcycle insurance and licensing, riders must also wear a motorcycle helmet that meets the requirements of the United States Department of Transportation for safety helmets. Riders should also wear protective clothing to reduce the risk of injury in a motorcycle accident.

The proper steps to obtain a Motorcycle License:

  • Study the motorcycle handbook to learn the rules of the road for a motorcycle
  • Obtain the required motorcycle insurance required by California
  • Obtain a motorcycle permit by passing a written test and vision test at a California DMV
  • Take and pass the driving test given by the DMV or complete a California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

If you are under the age of 21 then you are required to complete the California Motorcyclist Safety Program with the state highway patrol. Those 21 and over can choose between the driving test given by the DMV or the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

What to do after a motorcycle accident:

Like after a car accident it is important to make sure everyone is okay and dial 911. Exchange information with the other person if possible. If you are able, also take photographs and video of the accident scene. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you can after an accident. Be sure to keep all the paperwork and documentation that the doctors or those on the scene of the accident give you.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries to the riders who are involved. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, focus on your recovery while we handle the rest. Call McElfish Law firm today at 800-750-8WIN for an experienced legal team who will fight for the financial compensation you deserve.