Common summer accidents

Common summer accidents

With summer quickly approaching it is important to know what dangers may lie ahead and how to remain safe this sunny season. Longer days and higher temperatures allow for more outdoor adventures. As the number of activities increases, so does the number of accidents that occur during these activities.

Common types of accidents:

Vehicle accidents: As the weather heats up there is a wider variety of vehicles to be injured on. Bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles all have potential risks of danger when driving or riding. Each vehicle has its own set of dangers, but the smaller the vehicle, the more likely it is to sustain significant damage. Bicyclists and motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of suffering serious injuries, including death. One out of every five motorcycle accidents result in a head or neck injury. When you’ve had a few drinks, it’s critical that you don’t drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol accounts for roughly one-third of all fatal car accidents.

Sports accidents: Sports activities both outside and inside increase as the weather warms. These games frequently result in minor and sometimes major injuries. Injuries can occur when jumping in the air, sliding on the ground, running, or colliding with other players. Broken bones, sprains, bruises, cuts, and burns are all possibilities. It is critical to keep your body safe in these situations by wearing the proper safety gear.

Water accidents: Pools begin to open all over the county as the warm weather breaks. When swimmers are not careful, swimming pools can be very dangerous. Slips, falls, drowning, and broken bones are all possible injuries one can occur. Drowning is the sixth most common injury related death among all ages and is the second leading cause of death in children aged one to fourteen years old. Running near a pool where the ground is wet is a common place people are injured. If no one is around to help it is important to be even more cautious in these scenarios.

Boating also becomes a popular pastime in the summer months. Operator inattention, improper lookout, operator inexperience, machinery failure, and alcohol use rank as the top five contributing factors in boating accidents. If an accident happens the first thing to do is call emergency services and look for what caused the accident.

Weather related accidents: Summer is the season for outdoor gatherings. As the weather warms and we all get together the risk of having a heat stroke becomes a major issue when you are not well hydrated. In California the temperatures raise well into the triple digits. Some other injuries that one can sustain at a fun outdoor party include sunburns, bug bites, firework injuries and food poisoning.

Tips to stay safe:

Several actions can be taken to avoid vehicular accidents. To protect passengers and themselves, drivers should keep distractions to a minimum. It’s critical to check that the vehicle is up to date on repairs, that recalls have been checked, and that everyone in the vehicle is securely fastened.  Any road construction should be observed carefully, and all signs should be followed. Helmets, arm, and knee pads should be always worn by both cyclists and motorcyclists while driving on the road.

To prevent water accidents a person should not run around a pool. When people swim, a lifeguard or another person should be present to keep watch. Pool safety standards and facility rules must be followed, and caution must be exercised. Boating accidents can be avoided by adhering to the same rules that apply typical driving. Drivers should be aware of other boats, avoid colliding with objects, and ensure that passengers are safe.

Staying out of the sun and heat can help you avoid heatstroke and sunburn. Both sunblock and staying hydrated can help to reduce the number and severity of any incidents. Fireworks should be handled with extreme caution by those equipped to light them, and those watching should keep a safe distance from them when they are lit. To keep food fresh and avoid food poisoning, everything should be sealed tight and kept in temperature appropriate areas.

Even taking all the precautions, you still run the risk being injured in an accident this summer. If that happens, having an experienced personal injury attorney at your side from the beginning is crucial. Call McElfish Law firm at 800-750-8WIN right away for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer who will fight for the financial compensation you deserve.