Michelle R. Healy

Michelle R. Healy

Litigation and Operations

I am the litigation management for McElfish Law Firm, handling everything from email IT issues to trial
preparation. My greatest responsibility is to the clients and to assist Mr. McElfish in making sure our clients
have everything they need and are informed on their cases. I am here because it is my job, but it is also a
responsibility that I have chosen because of its unparalleled reward. I look forward to serving you

Phone Number
(310) 659-4900
Address Info
1112 N. Sherbourne Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Educational & Qualifications

Education & Background

My education background in business administration, with a lot of political science and philosophy electives, has made it possible for my career in law firms to include both business/administrative management and provide legal assistance to the attorneys and clients. My prior experience in Human Resources in dealing with legal issues and assisting employees with their needs gave me a great background that easily translated into a legal career

Law Firm Experience

My unexpected career in the legal field began when I moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast In 1991. I have not left the legal field since I started because it has fulfilled my goal to help others. Working with lawyers with the passion to fight for the client is essential. Mr. McElfish has that passion and works tirelessly to win for the client, which is why I have worked for him for half of my legal career

Working width & Fighting for Clients

Assisting clients with their legal needs includes helping the lawyers win and get justice for the client, but more importantly to me, it also means assisting them with their problems. An important very rewarding aspect of my job is to assist clients with their medical needs so that they can recover to their fullest extent from whatever injury they suffered at no fault of their own. Assisting the lawyers to fight for the award

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