Slip and Fall at the Major Retailer

Case Details

$1 Million Dollar Settlement. Slip and Fall accident over a Shopping Cart at a Major Retailer

$1,000,000 Settlement

Liquids Spilled on Floors

Retailers and large box stores contain many hazards, including slippery floors, substances and equipment on the floors, dangerous equipment moving around and heavy objects placed up high that can fall and hurt or kill someone

Equipment and Debris Left in Store Aisles

Retailers often train their employees to maximize product placement over safety by putting products in the aisle where you can fall over them or by putting out dangerous hand carts that you can fall over to make sure you are able to buy expensive impulse items without losing the impulse

Product Placement Causes Injury

Retailers place products up on shelves causing shoppers to look up, while neglecting the safety of the floors where shoppers walk