Fall from a Height at the Warehouse

Case Details

$3.5 Million Fall from a Height at the Warehouse where the Manufacturer failed to provide a safety cage.

$3,500,000 Verdict

Extensive Jury Verdicts

We are experienced in courtrooms and trying cases in front of juries. We have tried cases in Los Angeles, throughout California and around the United States in both state and federal court. Mr. McElfish, an accomplished trial lawyer, stand-up comedian and author can effectively use anecdotes to discuss the case details with jurors. He uses his passion and sense of humor, common approach to life and likeable precise approach to the issues in the case to convince and persuade juries to give our clients the awards they deserve.

Effective Visual Presentations

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and extensive animation and video is worth even more. We use cutting edge visual technology, animation and demonstrations in all of our jury trials to present evidence and persuade both state and federal juries of the actual cause of the accident and value of the injuries and damages. During our trials, you will see high definition TV screens, IPads and laptops projecting images, videos and animations to juries to persuasively return large jury verdicts in our clients’ favor. Our attorneys are well-versed in operating presentation software so that evidentiary presentations and arguments can efficiently and effectively be made to the Court and the jury without any awkward delay.

Experienced Expert Witnesses

All of our jury trials are supported and driven by the testimony of qualified, experienced and interesting expert witnesses. From the speeds of the vehicles, to the body movement and susceptibility of the occupants to the extensiveness of the injuries, medical opinions, bills, lost earnings and future damages, including life care and support, our experts are prepared, qualified and persuasive in presenting evidence that convinces juries that our clients are entitled to receive the justice they are seeking.