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Do you feel like you’ve been unlawfully evicted? Is your landlord withholding services, or failing to maintain a safe and sanitary environment? If you believe legal action is required to resolve a dispute with your landlord, you need someone who has experience in landlord-tenant law. You need McElfish Law Firm in West Hollywood, CA. We know tenants’ rights, and provide litigation services for tenants in residential and commercial spaces who feel as though their rights are not being upheld. Our law firm knows the procedures and protocols surrounding eviction and other landlord disputes. If you’ve been unexpectedly kicked out of your apartment, or if you believe your landlord to be neglectful of their duties, you may have a case that needs legal representation. You may be entitled to compensation or restitution, or your landlord may be subject to a judicial order to rectify the situation. If you’re interested in exploring your legal options, call McElfish Law Firm in West Hollywood, CA today.

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