Service Category: Wrongful Death & Traumatic Injuries

Loading/Unloading Accidents

Accidents routinely occur during the loading and unloading process of trucks involving hand loading and forklifts including unsecured material, mis-stacking, mis-leveling of the truck at the dock and insufficient dock personnel and other negligence and regulatory code violations, including dock conflicts, where more than one customer is permitted to use each docking lane

Forklift and Hi-Lo Accidents

Warehouses are often viewed as a small city with roadways and, vehicles such as forklifts and hi-los, which have internal traffic signals. These vehicles are large and heavy and cause serious injury or death. We have decades of experience holding these businesses accountable for regulatory violations and negligence inside warehouses that hurt and kill people

Falls from Heights/Falling Material

Warehouses are places where products and pallets are stacked often times several stories high and severe injuries and death can occur from poorly maintained lifts or poorly shelved material that can fall and injure people. We have decades of experience holding these businesses accountable for regulatory violations and negligence in falling merchandise and stacking cases

Crosswalk Accidents

Pedestrians are often injured or killed in crosswalk accidents where inattentive motorists disregard the signals. We have traffic light engineers that help us establish the condition and color of the light at the time of the accident holding the driver and their insurers responsible for these devastating accidents

Emergency Shoulder Accidents

Motorists or motorcyclists will often pull off to the shoulder of the road to check on their vehicle, wait for assistance or look in the trunk only to get hit or killed by an oncoming driver. We have the experts in accident reconstruction, human factors and visibility to hold these drivers and their insurers responsible for these tragic events

Sidewalk Accidents

Pedestrians get injured walking on the sidewalk due to errant, inattentive drivers, open or improperly placed or maintained manholes or other debris, or falling objects from buildings, construction sites or locations above. We have the experts and experience to litigate and win these cases when these horrific events occur

Grade Crossing Accidents

We have experience litigating and trying cases that occur either in a vehicle or as a pedestrian at a grade crossing. We litigate issues of Federal preemption including the appropriateness of the crossing, signal or sign to recover damages for our client’s injuries or death

Train Operation Accidents

We litigate passenger and freight train companies where accidents occur due to engineer operator error including train speed, lookout, and brake application. These difficult cases require extensive and complex litigation and expert witness work and analysis which we have been doing for decades

Railroad Fencing Accidents

Railroads have a duty in some cases to fence their track to prevent motorists and pedestrian from crossing at locations other than grade crossings. We have been litigating these fencing cases for years holding railroads accountable for failing to fence and protect the public from their dangerous tracks


Psychological & Emotional Injuries

We have decades of experience in handling PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) cases ranging from assault and battery and rape cases to psychological trauma suffered by accident victims and by-stander victims who witness injuries and death. These injuries are unfortunately not given the proper weight that they deserve in litigation and trial by corporations and insurance companies and we make sure we retain the proper experts to evaluate, treat and testify convincingly to a jury as to the effects of PTSD and emotional injuries to support our claim for substantial damages.

Orthopedics & Joint Injuries

We see a host of serious orthopedic injuries that ranges from a broken foot to a hip replacement to a knee replacement. We have a stable of decorated experts who served on Olympic committees and professional sports teams as consultants and team doctors to evaluate, treat and serve as expert witnesses in our cases. We are wise to the defense’s common approach and argument that such injuries while caused by the accident were pre-existing through arthritic changes that would have likely occurred even without the accident, as well as there was no such mechanism of injury in the accident. Such defense attacks are tired and ineffective when met with experienced trial lawyers and experts that are prepared to demonstrate the manner in which the accident specifically caused the injuries resulting in substantial awards.

Paralysis & Spinal Injuries

In most of the accident cases we handle, our clients typically suffer neck or back spinal injuries ranging from complete paralysis to disk and facet injury in the spine. We utilize the best neurosurgeons, radiologists and pain management experts to evaluate, these injuries who can offer expert opinions on the severity at trial. In a world where every defense lawyer contends that any level of spinal injury is degenerative or pre-existed the accident, we aggressively litigate and offer evidence on the traumatic nature of the injuries through expert opinion, diagnostic tools, and medical illustration and animation. Our experience and knowledge of the jury instructions allows us to build a case around the defense arguments of degenerative conditions that wins every time and results in substantial monetary awards.


Paralysis is obviously the most serious form of spinal cord injury, whether it is intermittent or partial paralysis, or complete and permanent paralysis such as quadriplegia. We have handled paraplegia and quadriplegia cases from auto and truck accidents, falls, products cases or other accidents. We have the experience and the experts to present your case to a jury to obtain significant jury verdicts for this devastating life-long injury

Spinal Cord Injury, Surgery and Fusion

The most common form of spinal cord injury is a herniated or bulging disk which can enter the spinal canal or the nerve roots and cause extreme pain and/or weakness in your arms or legs. We handle many cervical spine or neck injuries and lumbar spine or back injuries through jury verdict. We have the experience and the experts to assess the spinal cord injury including spinal surgery, which could be a discectomy (trimming of the disk), a laminectomy (removal of the disk) and/or a fusion (a removal of the disk and fusion of the spinal bones). These injuries and surgeries have life-long consequences on your ability to work and function as a normal person, extensive medical bills sometimes losing your career and ability to take care of yourself and your family and live a normal life. We have taken many jury verdicts for clients with spinal cord injuries including fusions

Back and Neck Injuries (Whiplash) and Pain Management

Spinal injuries such as whiplash can be mild but can be very painful and lead to a life-time of pain and medical care. We have the experts to assess the spinal injury and refer for the appropriate care. The injuries often occur in low speed accidents, such as in bumper to bumper traffic, but we have the experience and the experts in accident reconstruction, biomechanics and kinematics to prove to the jury that the accident was most likely the cause of the injury. We also have experts available to assess the treatment for these injuries, whether it is chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management and injections or referrals for surgical consultations.

Wrongful Death

We represent many families whose loved ones have been lost in an accident by the negligent act of another. We have decades of experience in asking juries for damages for the loss of a loved one. Understanding how to calculate both economic loss and non-economic losses of the deceased requires special experts and trial preparation. Our time-honored methods of selecting juries and presenting evidence of the loss of a loved one and the grief of their absence has allowed us to recover millions of dollars for our clients in these cases.

Loss of Life

Wrongful death cases arise when a family member is killed in an accident, whether it is a vehicle, premises, construction or other kind of accident. The loss to the surviving family is horrendous making it difficult for the family to cope. We have decades of experience at dealing with the grief that families experience in wrongful death cases and presenting these cases to juries for large verdict awards

Survivor Claims

In California, the closest family members can file a lawsuit in a wrongful death case seeking damages, including funeral expenses and other economic damages such as lost earnings that the decedent would have made had they not been killed. Family members can also make survivor claims for the loss of support, direction and counsel that the decedent would have given over their lifetime. These are very sensitive cases and we have decades of experience in litigating and trying these cases to trial juries.

Catastrophic Accidents

Wrongful death, usually but not always, occurs in larger scale accidents, trucking accidents, warehouse accidents, extreme falls, poison, burn and explosion cases. We have the experts and the experience to analyze and assemble these cases for juries to easily understand who is at fault and what the measureable losses are to the family members resulting in significant jury awards

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries known as a “TBI” are a very specialized area of injury litigation. Ranging from what is commonly known and referred to as a “concussion” to a moderate brain injury to a severe brain injury and coma all require specialized diagnostic brain imaging tools, neuropsychological and psychiatric testing and neurological evaluation that can only be found with lawyers that have handled these cases for decades and stayed abreast of the recent developments in the field. We certainly understand and appreciate the distinction of a person that has suffered a brain injury at some level but cannot readily be observed like a fracture or other more objective injuries, yet it impacts their daily life in an unspeakable and profound way.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Concussions

Traumatic Brain Injuries are measured in 3 categories: mild, moderate and severe. Those who are unable to function at all are considered severe, those that can function with a significant disability are moderate and those that can function with some symptoms are considered mild. Symptoms of TBI or concussion generally include headaches, dizziness, vertigo, memory loss and in more severe cases, speech problems (called word finding problems), leg and arm weakness as well as other neurological problems including being in a vegetative state

Accidents Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

Obviously, a severe accident can cause brain injuries and even death, but more moderate and even low speed accidents can cause brain injuries at a moderate and mild level. Usually one assumes that you need contact with the head to have a brain injury, but a fast deceleration in speed and force can cause the brain to “rattle” and cause brain injuries even if there is no skull impact. Also, auto and truck accidents can enhance prior susceptibility to brain injuries as it has been shown in the NFL studies that each subsequent head injury can result in more severe brain injury consequences including in some cases encephalitis. We have decades of experience assessing and litigating brain injuries across the spectrum of accidents and severity and presenting them to juries for significant awards

Brain Injury Treatment and Effects

Brain injuries can range from mild to extremely serious, but in general the treatment ranges from rest and inactivity to nursing care and medication and in some cases admittance to a rehabilitation facility. Brain injuries can change your life because even if you are functional, you may experience headaches or dizziness in everyday activities and if the injury is more severe, it can be life-altering entirely. We have the experts that can assess brain injuries and refer for treatment, and we have the experience and skills to present your case to a jury and obtain significant jury awards for a life-time of suffering

Motorcycle, Bicycle & Bird Scooter Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a specialty unto themselves. These machines are of course unique and the operating rights of motorcycles are by enlarge ignored on the highway by other motorists. We have special
experience in litigating and trying motorcycles cases in accidents involving lane splitting, sideswipe and intersectional accidents. We use experts in motorcycle operation and technology as well as human factors experts on the requirement of other drivers to visualize and detect the presence of motorcycles. The reality is that most drivers do not know the rights of motorcycles on the road and do not know where to expect them on the highway, resulting in serious accidents. The same is true of bicycles and bird scooters, they have very special rules of the road and most drivers do not understand or respect the rights of non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles and bird scooters, bike lanes and other designated areas for their operation. For example, bicycles and bird scooters are required by law to operate according to the rules ofthe road, observe traffic lights and streets signs and are not considered pedestrians that can operate on the sidewalks and rely on pedestrian crossing signals. We understand those unique rules and know how to effectively educate juries in their application. Not surprisingly, jurors are by nature prejudiced against motorcycles, bicycles, bird scooters, and other non-motorized vehicles and we have experience in confronting those prejudices with jurors in voir dire resulting in a jury that is fair and willing to significantly compensate victims of motorcycle, bicycle and bird scooter accidents, which generally result in seriousinjury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Severe Injury

We are very experienced in handling motorcycle cases, which are unique kinds of cases. Motorcycle accidents often cause paralysis, broken bones, and death, which is why are called “donor cycles” in emergency rooms. Inattentive divers do not respect motorcycles on the road and do not recognize the legal ability of motorcycles to lane-split. We will protect you in any motorcycle accident case and we will retain specialized experts in the area of motorcycle law and handling to help you win your case

Bicycle Accidents Are Complex

We are experienced in accidents involving bicycles, which can also cause very serious injury or death. Bicycles in California are required to obey traffic signals not pedestrian signals and are required to be ridden on the road or the bike lane and not on the sidewalks. We are well versed in litigating serious bicycle accident claims and know all of the rules to protect your rights and obtain significant jury awards in these catastrophic accidents

Bird Scooter Accidents

Although bird scooters are a relatively new phenomenon, they are involved in a lot of accidents, because drivers are not aware of them, do not respect them, do not see them and do not account for them. We understand the bird scooter technology and have a team of investigators and experts ready to investigate and help you win your bird scooter accident