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$3.5 Million Dollar Verdict Bartolo Flores vs. Anderson Hay and Grain
  On August 21, 2018, a Long Beach jury returned a verdict awarding $3,500,000 in favor of plaintiff Bartolo Flores. They found Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc negligent for violating the safety rules, thus causing harm to Mr. Flores. On July 9th, 2014 instead of using the safety basket to unload the truck with hay, that Mr. Flores was driving, Anderson Hay & Grain Co., Inc’s staff gave him an extension ladder that slipped and caused our client’s fall from 18 feet above the ground. Since that date, he had a knee surgery and multiple other injuries and sufferings. Plaintiffs damages were divided into 4 categories: Past economic loss (medical expenses) of $203,000; Future economic loss (medical expenses) of $87,000; Past noneconomic loss, including physical pain and mental suffering of $1,000,000; Future noneconomic loss, including physical pain and mental suffering of $2,210,000.
Recent Case: Bauta Vs. Greyhound, McElfish Wins At Trial A Muli-Million Dollar Verdict
On June 1st, 2018 in the US District Court Eastern District of New York, the jury unanimously found that defendant Greyhound Inc., and the negligence of the driver guilty in a catastrophic collision, when Greyhound driver Sabrina Anderson fell asleep and drove her bus into the back of a tractor trailer at 67 mph, causing one fatality and countless other injuries to many passengers.
Recent Case: Plaintiffs v. The Salvation Army Verdict, McElfish Winning Result $580,971.14
Defendant The Salvation Army conceded to liability, admitting negligence as James, the driver of The Salvation Army vehicle, ran a red light at the intersection of Highland and H Street. Defendant maintained that the collision was a low-impact sideswipe type collision and that Plaintiffs’ injuries could not have been caused by the collision.
$2.5 Million Dollar Settlement
On behalf of a New York plaintiff who was blinded in one eye and lost visual acuity in the other eye after a defective truck battery exploded while the plaintiff was attempting to start it.
$5.05 Million Award
Phila. Jury Finds in Favor of Four Bus Crash Victims
$44.2 Million Dollar Verdict
On behalf of a the estate of a 63-year old homecare worker after she was killed while walking on a New York City sidewalk by a collapsing brick wall of a building that was being renovated.
$700,000 Settlement
For injuries sustained by a California plaintiff who was calculating warehouse inventory while on top of a forklift which malfunctioned and dropped him onto a concrete floor.
$395,000 Settlement
For a New York plaintiff who sustained serious injuries when a shower door shattered in his room at a well-known hotel.
$625,000 Settlement
For a plaintiff who sustained serious injuries to the shoulder and knee after his car was rear-ended by a vehicle owned by a New York plumbing company.
$625,000 Settlement
For the estate of a New York plaintiff who was killed while riding a motorcycle that crashed into a leased BMW.
$435,000 Settlement
For injuries sustained by plaintiffs whose car was hit by the trunk of a large tree growing on private property that fell across a California highway easement and onto their car’s front window.
$300,000 Settlement
For a New York plaintiff who suffered extensive back injuries after being rear-ended by a negligent truck driver.
$2.7 Million Settlement
Against insurance company for bad faith.
$316,000 Settlement
For a plaintiff who sustained hip injuries after falling down the stairs of a New York restaurant that had a defective handrail and limited lighting.
$395,000 Undisclosed Settlement
Against tobacco manufacturer Brown & Williamson in a highly-publicized Michigan wrongful death case.

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