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Real estate law covers the rights and interests in real property, both commercial and residential. A real estate attorney is involved in the drafting, negotiating and closing of documents, or to facilitate transactions related to real estate (buy, sale, mortgage, lease). If you need help preparing and reviewing documents, such as purchase agreements or mortgage documents, then a real estate attorney can help you with the transactional complexities involved. A real estate attorney will also handle a wide range of disputes that require representation in court, such as breach of contract, zoning permits, construction defect, foreclosure and boundary disputes.
Our team of lawyers will advise you on the purchase or sale of a property, and handle litigation in the representation of a wide range of property related disputes, including real estate closures, construction, oil and gas, or zoning permits. The practice of real estate law may be highly complex and interrelated with other areas of law, but with McElfish Law Firm’s team of attorneys as your advocate, the experience won’t be complicated for you.

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