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Restaurant Law Services

McElfish Law Firm provides legal counsel and advice to restaurant and bar owners regarding the day-to-day operations unique to this type of business. The firm has an understanding of restaurant law, the industry and various types of challenges that owners encounter on a daily basis. Whether you are in the beginning stages of forming your restaurant or needing to maintain your already steady bar, McElfish Law Firm has restaurant law attorneys to work one-on-one with you and serve your business.

Business Formation

The firm routinely provides advice regarding business formation in order to protect the restaurant or bar owner from potential liabilities and ensure that their business is operating in the most efficient way possible.  The firm’s services related to the business formation may include the following:

    • Counsel regarding the type of business entity, or entities, that are most advantageous
    • Drafting the necessary documents to create the business entity


Restaurant and bar owners are required to obtain several licenses specific to the industry. The procedures for obtaining these licenses can be cumbersome and document intensive. Accordingly, the firm performs all work and prepares all necessary documents to ensure that its clients obtain all of the required licensing and registration in order to operate within the municipalities in which they are located. This includes all services related to obtaining or transferring a liquor license which is set out in detail on the firm’s liquor license services page.

Operational Issues

Through its relationships with local restaurant and bar owners, the firm has obtained an understanding of the types of issues that are important to the industry. The firm provides high-quality legal services related to the analysis and negotiation of the following:

    • Purchase agreements
    • Vendor and distributor agreements
    • Employment and labor issues
    • Commercial and business-related disputes and
    • Other issues related to the operation of a bar or business

If you own a restaurant or bar or are contemplating purchasing or opening up a new restaurant or bar, please contact McElfish Law Firm to discuss how you may benefit from the firm’s specialized services in this area. You may contact our restaurant law attorneys at McElfish Law Firm by calling (310) 659-4900 or sending us a message online




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