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One may think that just any lawyer can handle a routine auto accident case particularly one that is minor or that has relatively minor damage. However, the concept that people always receive minor injuries in minor accidents is a misnomer.  We have special litigation and trial skills and experts to prove to juries that victims of minor car accidents can, in fact, sustain more serious injuries or death in these minor accidents. Through the use of damage matching analysis, computer-driven crush analysis, and vehicle dynamics programs, we can demonstrate that even the most minor crash can cause more serious injuries or death. In focusing on the scientific variable of Delta V or change in speed, we can demonstrate to juries that even minor accidents can result in larger impacts on the human body than one would expect or imagine.  As an example, a San Bernardino jury recently returned a verdict in favor of our client where he received a spinal fusion in a two (2) mph accident involving a Salvation Army truck (see results and verdicts). We also recently obtained a $1 million settlement in a minor rear-end accident requiring an artificial disc replacement in our client’s lower spine. Often times a minor accident initially causes what is believed to be minor injuries which later develop into more serious problems, but we have the medical experts to combat claims by insurance companies that the injuries were not produced by the accident or were somehow trumped up by the lawyer for secondary gain. As trial lawyers, we routinely see these claims by insurance companies but they backfire and juries award substantial damages. If you are in a minor accident but feel your injuries are more significant, please do not hesitate to call upon us to handle these kinds of cases.

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