Appellate Law


What You Need To Know

The judicial system is not perfect. Courts do occasionally make mistakes fortunately, the judicial system features an appeals process in which, appellate courts can review the decisions of lower courts and deliver orders meant to correct their errors.

The attorneys at McElfish Law Firm are experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants at the appellate level, who previously received unfavorable rulings against them. In civil matters, we can scrutinize lower court proceedings and identify appealable errors. Call today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced appellate law attorney in Los Angeles, CA if a court granted you an inadequate award, dismissed your case, or issued an overly harsh penalty.

Whether you need a lower court’s decision, verdict, or judgment overturned, or you want an appellate court to uphold a favorable decision, verdict, or judgment, call McElfish Law Firm today (310) 659-4900.

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