Adnan Fakih



Adnan Fakih is a highly accomplished attorney with expertise in litigating unlawful detainer, family law, contractual disputes, personal injury cases, and employment law.

During the past four years, Adnan served as a civil litigation attorney, with hands-on involvement in all phases of pre-trial litigation, including but not limited to drafting pleadings, propounding written discovery, conducting and defending depositions, drafting law and motion documents, and negotiating the terms and conditions of settlement agreements. Adnan also drafted mediation briefs and prepared cases for trial. Upon graduation from Concord Law School in 2011, Adnan received the Kaplan Award for Legal Services, an award given to the law school graduate who demonstrated excellence in professionalism and provided exemplary services to the community. Mr. Fakih received this award for his services to the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) in providing legal representation and technical assistance to pro per litigants in family law cases, unlawful detainer and landlord-tenant disputes. Adnan helped litigants prepare restraining orders pertaining to domestic violence and civil harassment cases, and assisted clients in expunging their criminal records.



Concord Law School, J.D.
Cal State University Long Beach, B.A. Economics