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Our tax attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of state tax law, federal tax law, and tax-related disputes. Our tax law attorneys are constantly aware of the most recent changes in state and federal tax laws. Our tax lawyers also regularly post tax law issues and tax advice on the McElfish Law Firm blog.

If you have a tax law issue, tax concern, tax problem, upcoming tax audit, tax planning matter, tax question, or tax dispute, McElfish Law Firm can help. 

None of the state or federal tax agencies are parties that you want to find yourself in a serious tax dispute. These tax agencies will continue to collect the money the agencies think is due, and the tax agencies will employ the full strength of the government against you. When faced with threats for back taxes, tax levies, tax liens, collections and garnishments, many people simply do not know how to proceed. If you find yourself in a tax audit or tax controversy situation, the tax lawyers at McElfish Law Firm can help. Our tax attorneys focus on tax disputes and tax audits in California.

McElfish Law Firm’s tax law attorneys also work with clients and the IRS in the IRS’s Offer in Compromise program. The IRS Offer in Compromise program provides our clients with the ability settle their tax debts for less than the whole tax liability. The IRS Offer in Compromise program can be applied to individuals and business/corporate taxpayers. The tax attorneys at McElfish Law Frim regularly work with the IRS for their clients regarding the IRS Offer in Compromise program to help get a fresh start and stay in future compliance with their tax obligations.

In determining the appropriate tax structure or tax plan for a client, our tax and business attorneys constantly maintain a careful financial focus on the clients ultimate business and financial objectives. Our California tax attorneys and federal tax attorneys are available to solve your tax problems.

Our attorneys will make sure that our clients do not pay more local, state, or federal taxes than their fair share. Our office is located in Los Angeles. Call us at (310) 659-4900 today for a consultation or to discuss your tax problem

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Verdict won on behalf of worker blinded by exploding battery.


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