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Recent Case: Plaintiffs v. The Salvation Army Verdict, McElfish Winning Result $580,971.14

Defendant The Salvation Army conceded to liability, admitting negligence as James, the driver of The Salvation Army vehicle, ran a red light at the intersection of Highland and H Street. Defendant maintained that the collision was a low-impact sideswipe type collision and that Plaintiffs’ injuries could not have been caused by the collision.

$2.5 Million Dollar Settlement

On behalf of a New York plaintiff who was blinded in one eye and lost visual acuity in the other eye after a defective truck battery exploded while the plaintiff was attempting to start it.

$5.05 Million Award

Phila. Jury Finds in Favor of Four Bus Crash Victims

$44.2 Million Dollar Verdict

On behalf of a the estate of a 63-year old homecare worker after she was killed while walking on a New York City sidewalk by a collapsing brick wall of a building that was being renovated.

$700,000 Settlement

For injuries sustained by a California plaintiff who was calculating warehouse inventory while on top of a forklift which malfunctioned and dropped him onto a concrete floor.

$395,000 Settlement

For a New York plaintiff who sustained serious injuries when a shower door shattered in his room at a well-known hotel.

$625,000 Settlement

For a plaintiff who sustained serious injuries to the shoulder and knee after his car was rear-ended by a vehicle owned by a New York plumbing company.

$625,000 Settlement

For the estate of a New York plaintiff who was killed while riding a motorcycle that crashed into a leased BMW.

$435,000 Settlement

For injuries sustained by plaintiffs whose car was hit by the trunk of a large tree growing on private property that fell across a California highway easement and onto their car’s front window.

$300,000 Settlement

For a New York plaintiff who suffered extensive back injuries after being rear-ended by a negligent truck driver.

$2.7 Million Settlement

Against insurance company for bad faith.

$316,000 Settlement

For a plaintiff who sustained hip injuries after falling down the stairs of a New York restaurant that had a defective handrail and limited lighting.

Undisclosed Settlement

Against tobacco manufacturer Brown & Williamson in a highly-publicized Michigan wrongful death case.

Please keep in mind that all litigation & settlement cases are different and there are no guarantees of success in any particular case.


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