Los Angeles Restaurant Law Attorney

Los Angeles Restaurant Law Attorney

Did you know that we are a boutique litigation law firm practicing many areas of law including restaurant law since 1991 located in the heart of Sunset Strip in West Hollywood? What does this mean for local restaurant owners? It means that we are a community-driven, easy-to-reach, legal services hub ready to assist restaurants and other Los Angeles business owners with any legal disputes that may arise. We give local restaurant owners priority. We have attorneys available with experience as a former Bar/Restaurant owner.

Top Hurdles When Opening a New Restaurant in Los Angeles:

o  New restaurants tend to make investment experts wary because more than half of restaurants fail within their first five years.
o  A lot of inexperienced restaurateurs go into a project under-budgeting it.
o  In Los Angeles owners need at least $1 million in capital or loans to start.
o  Business partners want out of the contract or do not want to renew the lease.
o  Building owners sell the building or increase rent

We have gathered some common issues from restaurant-related cases that we have successfully assisted in mediation or in trial.

Common Litigation Issues Restaurant Owners May Face:

Forming a business entity
Purchase Agreements
Commercial Lease Disputes
Employee Sexual Harassment Claims
Vendor and Distributor Agreements
Employment and/or Labor Issues
Partnership Disputes
Slip and Fall Injuries on Premises

If you own a restaurant, contemplating purchasing or opening up a new restaurant, or you have had any legal situations come up, McElfish Law Firm is here to help resolve your issues. Contact us to discuss how you may benefit from the firm’s specialized services in this area. You may contact our restaurant law attorneys at McElfish by calling (310) 659-4900 or sending us a direct message online www.mcelfishlaw.com.