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McElfish Law Firm deals with all consumer protection claims for individuals, businesses and insurers.

There are many mass produced products and statistically, some are going to be defective.  Quality control is important for almost every company.  However, sometimes a product that is defective passes through to the consumer.  Court decisions in personal injury lawsuits pertaining to defective products, take into account manufacturer’s safety and legal duties, as well as government agencies and industry standards and practices protecting consumers.

The Consumer Protection Bureau protects consumers from defective products, scams, identify theft/privacy and do not call.

The division of “product safety” helps consumers make informed decisions in regards to

  • Environmental and household products
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Lead, carbon monoxide and other chemicals
  • Older consumers
  • Home protection

Flammable products- about 4,000 people die each year in America by burns from “flammable fabrics,” and another 2,000 people are injured.   Flammable products is the most common reason for product recalls.

Consumers can submit a form for a defective product on the US government’s consumer protection website.

About 75% of FDA food recalls are against companies with one or more recalls.

Most recalled products:

  • Sports and recreational equipment are recalled the most, followed by
  • home furnishings
  • Child equipment
  • Personal use items
  • Toys
  • Yard and garden equipment
  • Household appliances and houseware
  • Pharmaceuticals recalls are by class

Courts are awarding a higher number of settlements with punitive damage claims, making the overall settlement much larger for the plaintiff.

Government agency divisions-

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for vehicle and equipment recalls.

The food safety and inspection service recalls meats and processed egg products.

The Food and Drug Administration recalls all food, medicine, medical devices and cosmetics.

As an experienced consumer protection law firm, McElfish Law has won many cases of products liability.

Consumer protection pertains to personal injury and defective products.

Consumer transactions pertain to purchases of food, furniture, clothes, as these are the most widely purchased items.   The body of law on this topic consists of return policies and refunds, how to cancel a major sale, online shopping and warranties.

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